Help Us Tell Blair’s Story:
The Heroes of K-9 Search & Rescue

Arts Unleashed is producing a documentary film chronicling the story of law enforcement search and rescue bloodhounds with a special focus on The Unsung K-9 Hero Project and K-9 Blair. The film is an intimate portrait of the bond created between first time K-9 handler Ofc. Yohe and Blair following Blair’s development from bloodhound puppy to search and rescue K-9 Officer.
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Production Photos

A History of Tracking

One of the earliest known photographs of a police Bloodhound with the Des Moines Constables, circa 1889.

Scent Training

Bloodhounds can pick up scents from great distances. In the photo, an officer with the Baltimore County Police Department works with a hound on scent training.

Honor In The Name

Bloodhounds are often named in honor of fallen officers. Sgt. Rick Kelly with the Maryland State Police is pictured with Bloodhound Dailey, named in honor of Sr. Deputy Patrick Dailey of the Harford County Sheriff's Office whom was killed in the line of duty on Feburary 10th, 2016.

K-9 Bella and Officer Davies

Bloodhounds form a strong bond with their handler, often training, working and returning home to live with the handler as part of the family on a daily basis. In the photo, we see veteran officer Christopher Davies with K-9 Bella of the Baltimore County Police Department.

Training To Find People

Law Enforcement Search and Rescue K-9's undergo constant training. Pictured here in a training exercise, a K-9 Officer uses a rag to target the scent of a human decoy hiding in the woods.

K-9 Blair and Officer Yohe

K-9 Blair is pictured here handled by Ofc. Yohe participating in an interagency law enforcement search and rescue training exercise supervised by Maryland State Police.

About The Film

Throughout history, K-9 officers and handlers have been an integral component to law enforcement search and rescue operations. Historically, the bloodhound, a canine with a long track record of successfully locating missing adults and children, has been the dog of choice. Reports going back as far as the year 1350 cite the Oxford English Dictionary’s descriptions of “blod-houndes”, as a unique hound with the remarkable ability to scent and track an individual without distraction for hours, sometimes days, over great distances. Today, many law enforcement communities and search & rescue organizations work side by side with bloodhounds; consistently training on a daily basis to prepare for the day they receive the call to locate the missing.

Our story starts with the tragic death of Blair Boggs, a college student studying criminal justice with the goal of becoming part of the law enforcement community. Blair was involved in a canoeing accident followed by days of searching. His brother Mark wanted to memorialize Blair by donating the first bloodhound in the history of the Frederick Police Department. Together with the Frederick Humane Society’s Unsung K-9 Hero Project and The Virginia Maryland Washington DC Dog magazine, Mark’s wish became a reality when this special puppy was found. A multistate journey ensued leading to the bloodhound’s arrival and introduction to a new life with her handler and partner, Officer Sheena Yohe of the Frederick Police Department. The newly enlisted K-9 officer’s name: Blair.

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